Bridging the digital divide

once and for all.

Arcadian builds diverse, long-haul fiber routes that will set a foundation for the next generation of information infrastructure.

We connect hubs of innovation and bring digitally stranded rural and tribal communities online along the way.

Who we are.

Founded in 2018 by seasoned communication industry leaders and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Arcadian Infracom is an information infrastructure development, construction and operations company. Arcadian builds diverse, lower latency fiber routes connecting major data center locations for its hyperscaler and content customers while providing low-cost backhaul to digitally stranded rural and tribal communities for its telecom, cable company, ISP and major enterprise customers. Arcadian currently has six major fiber projects under development in the Western U.S. that when completed will add 3,500 route miles of critically needed new fiber infrastructure.

Broadband for rural and tribal communities: A broader perspective on value creation from the start.

From its founding, Arcadian has placed special focus on bringing broadband to remote rural and tribal communities. In 2018, Arcadian began working with the Navajo Nation to develop a plan to bring fiber to and through their nation. In 2018, and again in 2020, Navajo legislation was passed codifying the Arcadian partnership with the Navajo Nation allowing Arcadian access to unique rights-of-way across Navajo land. In 2023, Arcadian assisted the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico in the development of its winning FTTH grant proposal and provided network design and consulting services at no cost.

Doing the hard work.

Arcadian is building across some of the most difficult geography in the United States, creating diverse fiber routes where none existed before. We have purposefully chosen the paths that were skipped decades ago, adding resiliency to the United States’ internet backbone infrastructure for our commercial network partners while linking underserved communities to critical information infrastructure.

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Built differently.

Arcadian was built from the ground up to move quickly and act decisively. Every team member is empowered to identify opportunities and create solutions. The clean sheet and disciplined approach of Arcadian is a clear advantage, allowing us to avoid the myriad operational and technical challenges others face when operating 20+ year old assets assembled through dozens of different legacy network acquisitions.

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The power of public/private partnerships.

Arcadian believes one of its key strengths is its ability to form effective partnerships with government entities at every level: local, county, state, tribal and federal. Achieving the goal of meeting Arcadian’s commercial partners’ needs for new, diverse backbone fiber routes while bringing affordable broadband to all will only be possible through the combined efforts of the public and private sectors. Arcadian is building an unmatched record for creating winning greenfield infrastructure solutions with the help of our public sector partners.

Living our values.

Arcadian was started with the ideals of diversity and inclusion from our very first conversations. This approach starts at the very top and permeates every aspect of our organization. Arcadian believes in the power of diversity of thought throughout its team and because of this we are stronger.

Our team is composed of top industry professionals who are highly experienced in constructing and managing fiber networks.

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Comprised of the industry’s top professionals with tremendous experience constructing and operating fiber networks.

Arcadian is doing great things.

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