A Fiber Infrastructure Company

About Us

Arcadian is a fiber infrastructure company. We build and operate networks along unique right-of-ways. Our solutions provide Enterprise and Carrier customers increased network diversity, lower latency and direct rural market access between major US markets. The Arcadian team develops innovative right-of-way partnerships with rural and Native American communities to purposely stretch the Internet backbone through underserved markets.

What We Offer

As a neutral fiber infrastructure provider, Arcadian has two primary products - dark fiber and wavelength services. The Arcadian model intentionally enables customers to provide more granular services on top of the Arcadian network. Arcadian’s fiber-hungry customers have broad access to regeneration hut facilities and fiber breakout points. Lit services are provided as 100/400Gbps wavelengths, with a lit-to-dark option.

The Network

Phase 1 routes connect Salt Lake City to Phoenix, and Phoenix to Denver. A three-way fiber route convergence point will be created near Cameron.
Add/drop locations will be available within the Navajo Nation and throughout the states of Utah, Colorado, and Arizona, including Page, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ.

  • 1,300 route miles, 288-strand fiber
  • 23 colocation/regeneration facilities
  • 100/400Gbps wavelengths

Phase 1 routes scheduled for mid-2022 completion.
Phase 2 East and West routes under development.

Social Impact

Arcadian will bring economic development to rural US and tribal communities bypassed by current long-haul fiber infrastructure. Through use of Arcadian infrastructure in their businesses, our customers will enable significant employment opportunities, financial stability, and long-term sustainability in these communities. Your success story will drive their success story.

Dan Davis - CEO & Co-Founder

  • Former Executive of CenturyLink from 2003 to 2017 focused on long-haul fiber networks and $3 billion wholesale division. As V/P Corporate Strategy and Business Development, developed strategic alliances with Facebook, Microsoft and other content companies.
  • Former General Counsel and Head of Network Development at Digital Teleport, a start-up regional long-haul provider in 8 midwestern states. Led the sale of the company assets to CenturyLink in 2003.

Derek Garnier - President & Co-Founder

  • 30 years of fiber, data center and infrastructure experience including executive positions at Evocative Data Centers, Wave Division Holdings and Layer 42 Networks.
  • 20+ years of start-up and early stage development experience. Held sales, business and engineering roles with QTS Data Centers, AboveNet Communications, Global Crossing, Global Center, MFS Datanet, and Cabletron System.

Matt Rantanen - Partnering & Business Development

  • Director of Technology for the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association & Tribal Digital Village Network, Vice Chairman(Former 2x Chair) of the Board for Native Public Media, 2x member of the FCC Native Nations Broadband Task Force, Co-Chair, National Congress of American Indians Tech/Telecom committee.

Jeri Wolf - Engineering and Operations

  • 20+ years of fiber network design, rights-of-way, engineering, construction, project management, customer delivery and operations experience with CenturyLink, Qwest, OnFiber and MAStec.
  • As VP of CenturyLink from 2011 to 2018, led the network planning and capacity management of all western U.S. fiber networks.

Vic Peterson - Sr. Director, Engineering & Construction

  • 30+ years of fiber network design, right of way engineering, and construction and Operations for MCI, Metromedia Fiber, AboveNet Communications, Zayo, Wave, and Microsoft.
  • As Executive Director of Operations, West Region for AboveNet, Vic ran all construction and operations in the Western US.

Jim Volk - Finance Advisor

  • 20+ years of telecom and fiber infrastructure experience including 10+ years with early stage, high growth businesses.
  • As CFO of PEG Bandwidth and UbiquiTel PCS, helped grow, finance and lead shareholders to successful exits.

Steven Dickerson - Sales

  • 35 years of sales experience in fiber optic infrastructure at MCI, MCI Metro, Qwest, AboveNet-Zayo.
  • As Director of Sales, Western Region at AboveNet-Zayo Steven held the responsibility for all sales activity to Hyperscale and fortune 100 companies.

John Pignatelli - Sales

  • 35+ years sales experience in fiber, datacenter, and infrastructure including strategic sales positions at Exodus Communications, Savvis, Cable & Wireless, Abovenet, and Zayo.
  • Primary liaison to hyperscale content companies and Fortune 500 Enterprise.

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