Flexibility and scalability
to meet your unique data needs

As an intentionally neutral fiber infrastructure provider, our model provides clients of all sizes, types, and capacity needs with the ability to use Arcadian dark fiber IRUs, fiber leases and wavelengths to deliver more granular-level services through their own network facilities.
Dark Fiber
For clients seeking a solution to manage enormous data volumes requiring dynamic scalability, optimized performance, and exponential capacity, we offer dark fiber IRU and lease options to fit your particular business needs.
Lit Services
Transporting your traffic via wavelengths has never been more flexible – Arcadian makes it easy to scale your capacity in 100G and 400G increments to meet the data-intense demands of internal use or your customers. With a clean-sheet fiber architecture, the Arcadian network can grow to 800G wavelengths and beyond.
Lit-To-Dark Migrations
As capacity needs for your network evolve, Arcadian is there to seamlessly transition your services to add more wavelengths over time, transition your wavelength services to dark fiber and even increase dark fiber strand count as needed.
White Glove Experience
Free from antiquated legacy provider conflicts and business limitations, we’re creating a best-in-industry operations and support experience, giving our customers true visibility, access, and management of their assets through our next-generation customer portal and NOC platform.