Unique Routes.
Unparalleled diversity for your network.

Arcadian has announced the development of three unique and diverse long-haul fiber routes connecting major metropolitan markets with fiber constructed through unconnected rural areas of the Southwest U.S.
Building the Previously Unbuildable
Arcadian long-haul fiber routes span some of the most beautiful and challenging areas of the Southwest, running parallel to the rim of the Grand Canyon, over the Rocky Mountains, through the beautiful sandstone of Utah, across the challengingly rugged terrain of New Mexico and traversing the vast plains of Texas.
The Benefits Of A Diverse & More Direct Network
Our diverse rural routes take a more direct path between key fiber backbone and data center markets. This routing strategy creates a shorter, more direct fiber solution versus existing fiber routes, lowering both total cost of ownership and latency while improving network uptime for Arcadian partners.
Rural and Tribal Partnerships & Route Diversity
Arcadian is honored to partner with the Navajo Nation in the development of routes throughout Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. This special collaboration will result in very unique long-haul network solutions for the North America fiber infrastructure market. Arcadian has replicated this direct value sharing partnership approach with several other Native American Tribes, rural communities and States along our fiber routes.