Rick Waterman | Field Construction Manager

Rick has 28 years of experience in fiber network operations, installation, design, provisioning, and project management related to OSP/ISP. Rick most recently worked for CenturyLink through the acquisition of Qwest Communications. At CenturyLink he was a GIS Engineer responsibility for database inventory of all the fiber routes, conduit, manholes/handholes, and fiber panels in CenturyLink's GIS System. Prior to GIS Engineering, Rick was a Fiber Analysis Engineer responsible for analyzing fiber traces on all new and existing fiber builds.  

Rick joined Qwest in 2001, where he was the Lead OSP/ISP Technician, managing numerous high priority customer projects, protecting more than 70 miles of route with 13 sites. Rick has deep experience with many different transport systems including Ciena, Infinera, Cisco, and Fujitsu, and has worked closely with the Federal Government on systems and monitoring. 

During his time with Qwest, he was promoted to management in Arizona, managing a crew of 38 with responsibility for installation and maintenance of all circuit, splice, and construction crews. Rick managed day-to-day operations, including supervision, training, company safety procedures, as well as the design and installation of fiber and cabling systems and system networks. 

Prior to Qwest, Rick founded a telecommunications company under Rod Jackson & Associates. Rick started the company with two employees and grew it to a Team of 22 within six months. He was responsible for the technical build out the 5th floor at Hope Street in Los Angeles for MCI/WorldCom.