Reach. Connect. Empower.

Three simple words with immense meaning
Many rural and tribal communities were bypassed during the fiber builds of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Connecting these communities was too costly, took too long to build, or represented too small of a market to serve. Arcadian is fixing this problem. The Arcadian fiber backbone purposely routes the internet backbone from major US cities through these smaller markets, affording low-cost market access for providers that could not serve these markets before. We’ve created partnerships with many rural and tribal communities that will directly benefit from broadband access from these providers.
For these rural and tribal communities, the Arcadian fiber backbone works just like an interstate highway system. Broadband partners will build the on and off-ramps connecting this fiber highway to county-level and local city streets and then into the neighborhoods. Arcadian makes it possible for these local broadband partners to connect residences and businesses directly to the internet by providing this fiber highway system as a primary high-speed link between each community and major internet backbone cities.
Arcadian knows that access to broadband is essential to creating a long term economically sustainable and growing community. Each community that the Arcadian network touches can grow their economies with the new economic empowerment enabled by this long haul fiber connectivity. Scaled, widely available high speed broadband access in a community also enables distance learning driving improved access to higher education. Broader access to telemedicine within these communities is empowered through this connectivity Arcadian fiber is the digital foundation on which local communities can build their economic future.