Arcadian Infracom Strengthens Partnership with Navajo Nation

Navajo Tribal Council Approves New Arcadian Fiber Partnership Legislation

Arcadian Infracom announces unanimously adopted Navajo Nation legislation further solidifying and extending its unique fiber backbone development partnership with the Navajo Nation.

In December 2018, the Resources and Development Committee of the Navajo Nation Council approved legislation to create a partnership with Arcadian to develop long-haul fiber optic cable routes along Navajo Nation rights-of-way. This new Navajo legislation extends the scope and deepens that fiber partnership, creating a broader, more direct relationship between Arcadian Infracom and the government of the Navajo Nation. The new legislation also helps accelerate Arcadian Infracom’s financing and fiber construction process to enable critically needed, scaled broadband access for the Navajo people in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Arcadian Infracom will create the first scaled fiberoptic communications network across the Navajo Nation, linking major data centers in Phoenix directly to those in Salt Lake City and Denver. A second route will also later connect a portion of the Navajo Nation to Los Angeles and Dallas. When the Arcadian fiber network becomes operational, the Nation will finally have direct access to high capacity fiberoptic transmission to the Internet to support unprecedented telehealth, educational, business, and commercial opportunities in the connected economy of the 21st century.

“I am deeply honored by the trust the Navajo Nation has placed in the Arcadian team”, says Dan Davis, CEO of Arcadian Infracom. “This unique partnership uses long-haul fiber route construction as an economic development tool for the Navajo people. Given the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency within the Navajo Nation, it is imperative that we continue to work closely together to create opportunities for the Nation to move beyond the tragic reality that they currently have no scaled fiber backbone connectivity to the rest of the world.”

“The Navajo Nation welcomes the opportunity to grow the strategic partnership with Arcadian Infracom”, commented the Honorable Rick Nez, Chairman of the Navajo Council’s Resources and Development Committee. “The new legislation expands a trusting and strategic relationship to really move the needle on broadband access within the Navajo Nation. This broadened partnership creates new value and opportunity for the Navajo Nation and future generations of its people.”

About Arcadian Infracom: Arcadian designs, constructs, and operates long-haul fiber and internet infrastructure solutions to add resiliency, rural market access and capacity to the US internet backbone. With a foundation built on a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Navajo Nation, the Arcadian team develops innovative partnerships with rural and Tribal communities to stretch the core internet backbone through previously bypassed communities. Arcadian creates unique infrastructure solutions for its customers, financial value for its shareholders and economic development opportunities for rural and Tribal communities and rights-of-way providers along its fiber routes.

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