Tiffanny Hale | Project Manager

Tiffanny has 25 years of experience in telecommunications through CenturyLink and the affiliate companies acquired by CenturyLink. The majority of her experience has been dedicated to the national network side of the CenturyLink business, although she has experience in both the regulated Local Exchange Carrier and unregulated National.

Prior to joining Arcadian, Tiffanny spent 10 years in Network Project Management at CenturyLink / Qwest, with an emphasis on deployment of DWDM networks. While working as a PM, she accumulated the requisite project hours and training needed for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, passing the exam in 2009.

In the preceding ten years, Tiffanny was an Engineering & Planning manager for Qwest / US WEST. In this role, Tiffanny managed a diverse team of employees with responsibility for metrics, budgeting, process development and program management. Tiffanny also worked closely with Wholesale Product Management and Regulatory to develop new processes that would ensure compliance with FCC Communications Act Section 271 interconnection for US WEST.

Tiffanny’s early years in the CenturyLink affiliate family began in Customer Service, moving to Network Database Administration and Complex Translations while at SP Telecom / Qwest. She left Qwest to work for US WEST prior to the Qwest/US WEST merger, working three years in the US WEST Network Reliability Center focused on Section 271 readiness.

Tiffanny has a BS in Advertising from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MA in Telecommunications Management from Webster University.